Wiseman Mkhize

Executive Chairman

An Executive Director of Wise Creations and Communications (PTY) LTD, Mr. Mkhize is not a stranger in the music productions in South Africa. A post graduate in Business and Project Management with the University of Cape Town. Wiseman is currently enrolled with the US (New York-based) Ascent Fellowship for Business Management and Leadership development programme.

Mr. Mkhize is well- known for successfully leading the multi-award winning Clermont Community Choir both as a front leader and the Choir Conductor for the past 18 years with three national championships and international tours. He is familiar with the trends of choral music and for 6 years he was involved with development portfolio at the Kwa-Zulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, responsible for community engagement and education programs involving schools and
community choirs.

Mr. Mkhize is becoming a young icon in communications and overall project management- with more focus on what he started as a talent but now gaining momentum through specialized skills and professionalism.

Wiseman started his company from great inspirations of traveling the world with the iconic KZN Philharmonic and maintaining specialized skills and new growth path in entertainment and ICT sectors. Wiseman also holds a National diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Technology obtained from the Durban University of Technology. He is a former section head as a Horticulturist within the EThekwini Municipality between 2005- 2010.